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Our Services

In crafting tailored solutions for organizations, teams, and individuals, we recognize the unique nuances that set each entity apart. With a proven track record across diverse sectors, from global tech giants to local banks and skilled trades outfits, we've navigated the intricacies of them all – the challenges as well as the successes.


Our core offering extends beyond the individuals or the work they'll contribute; it's centered on the unparalleled service, expertise, and insight we deliver.

Rule number 76, No excuses, play like a champion. 

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  • Direct Hire

  • Retained Search 

  • Executive Search

  • Sourcing Pipelines

  • RPO



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Talent Analytics

  • Retention Analysis

  • Geographic Talent Mapping

  • Recruitment Channel Effectiveness

  • Salary Benchmarks

  • Skill Demand Analysis

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  • Interview Calibration

  • Recruiter Training

  • Job Posting Compliance

  • Sourcer Training

  • Interview Coordination

  • Qualifying Requisitions 

  • Recruitment Process Development



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  • Interview Conversion Ratios

  • Employee Satisfaction & Engagement

  • Job Posting Efficiency

  • Interviewer Performance 

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Data Utilization

  • Track the rights data-points 

  • Assess your team's strengths

  • Create data-driven solutions

  • Streamline your HRIS

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Employer Branding

  • Recruitment Funnel Analysis

  • Industry Benchmarking

  • Perception Analysis

  • Employer Value Proposition

  • Competitor Analysis

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Hiring the Right People

HomeRun Search specializes in direct-hire recruiting, focusing on securing long-term fits for your team. Through collaborative partnerships, we tailor our approach to understand unique hiring needs, culture, and goals. Streamline your hiring process, reduce time-to-fill, and ensure top-tier treatment for every candidate by choosing HomeRun Search.


Translating Data into Actionable Solutions

We harness recruitment data to enhance your company's hiring efficiency and talent retention. By optimizing the recruitment process we are improving the candidate experience and, subsequently, your employee retention. Additionally, tracking the performance of new hires with recruitment data aids in informed decision-making, contributing to a higher velocity of hiring and the sustained success of your company.

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 Implementing Scalable Solutions

Our Job Posting and Interview Calibration Training empower teams for efficient outcomes, ensuring impactful job postings and fair, consistent interviews. Crafting engaging job postings is crucial in today's saturated market, contributing to candidate satisfaction and success, while Interviewer Calibration minimizes bias and optimizes team efficacy in decision-making.

Partnerships Designed to Win

Streamlining talent acquisition is our commitment, aiming to simplify the often challenging and time-intensive recruitment process. Our distinctive, consultative, and service-oriented approach distinguishes us, ensuring exceptional service, insight, and delivery. We're confident in our ability to assist your organization in securing and retaining top talent, contributing to your continued success.

Industry Expertise
(Roles we have filled before and will fill again!)

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