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About HomeRun

Welcome to HomeRun Search, a talent acquisition consulting firm that focuses on simplifying complex recruitment concepts in a way that everyone can understand. Our team of Recruiters is comprised of former athletes with a passion for helping individuals navigate the recruitment process and reach their career milestones. We understand the challenges faced by companies when it comes to finding and retaining the right individuals to grow their businesses.


Our team is dedicated to providing our partners with exceptional service through clear and constant communication. We work closely with our clients to understand their business needs and find the best candidates for their organization.


Our mission is to establish an efficient, professional, and transparent hiring process through mentorship, coaching, and training for both candidates and partners. We are dedicated to fostering accountability within teams, recognizing that each hire plays a crucial role in either enhancing or diminishing the overall effectiveness of an organization.


We aspire to redefine the hiring experience, envisioning it as an exciting journey marked by transparent communication and empowerment. Serving as trusted advisors, our mission is to eliminate roadblocks, foster growth, and instill confidence in companies navigating compliance.


Patrick Davison has been working in Talent Acquisition and Human Resources since 2013,  which led him to establish HomeRun Search Recruitment Services in 2023. Prior to starting HomeRun Search, Patrick’s professional journey consisted of working for national staffing and recruitment agencies, ultimately being recruited himself by Amazon. Serving as a Full Life Cycle Recruiter,  Client Lead, and Global Team Lead at Amazon Web Services (AWS), he spearheaded recruitment strategies for the Partner Network in the cloud technology arena. 


I started HomeRun Search after seeing thousands of my colleagues impacted by the mass layoffs and the shortage of new job opportunities that devastated the tech world. I have had the privilege of working with incredible individuals and organizations, and I have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly sides of Talent Management.  The lack of innovation, understanding of compliance, and absence of transparency across HR teams has to change. My goal is to restore trust in the recruitment industry and reignite the excitement of hiring by delivering consultative, transparent, and simplified solutions.”


Outside the office, Patrick is dedicated to coaching dynamic youth CrossFit programs, instilling values of teamwork and healthy lifestyles. His commitment extends to community service as a Board Member and Community Service Chair in the Exchange Club. Most importantly, as a proud father and husband, Patrick values the harmony that can be achieved between everyone’s personal and professional life. So if you are looking for an organization that values your partnership, your time, and the success of your business, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Patrick directly at

Patrick became my recruiting partner after I had experienced a rapid turnover of recruiters. He immediately earned my trust by really listening to our staffing needs for understanding of the role and required skills, and then we brainstormed comprehensive and common sense strategies for finding the right candidates. He took ownership of the recruiting process and made changes to ensure that it worked efficiently and effectively. Since hiring is a very visible KPI for my team, he worked with me on a communication strategy to cover everything from pipeline through a candidate’s first day. His professional manner, bias for action, and ability to find the right candidates made for a much smoother experience. I would gladly work with Patrick any time I need to find a person with the right skills for my roles.

Rob D. | Sr. Manager SA | Amazon Web Services

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