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Our Services

Getting a new job is a frustrating, tiresome, and lonely process. Don't make it any harder by trying to do it all alone! We offer comprehensive career services including personalized career coaching, interview preparation, and professional revisions of resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles.

Résumé Services:

Elevate Your Professional Narrative

Elevate your professional narrative with a resume tailored to your unique strengths and achievements. If you need help getting started or you just want to spruce up your CV, we build resumes that effectively communicate your value to potential employers and resonate with your target roles.

Personal Branding:
Crafting Your Professional Identity

Optimize your online presence to showcase your skills and experiences effectively in the digital realm. We'll fine-tune your profile(s) to align with your career goals, making it stand out to recruiters, hiring managers, and your professional network.

Guiding You to Career Success

Whether you're seeking career advice, preparing for an interview, or strategizing for a promotion, our one-on-one coaching provides valuable insights and actionable strategies. Get a coach in your corner and perform at your best.

How do I start my job search?

Whether you are passively entertaining making a move, or actively throwing all of your efforts into winning a new role, changing jobs/companies/careers is a life-changing event. Help yourself out on the front end by defining what you are missing in your current role, and what you hope to gain by making a move.  Knowing what you are really looking for is going to help you know how to tailor your resume, narrow down opportunities, answer the standard cliche interview questions, and ultimately simplify offer negotiations.


What is a "great" resume supposed to look like?

Most folks will agree that resumes are a relic of the past, but they aren't going away any time soon. No one likes updating them or having to cram decades of experience into 2 pages. The bottom line is that a resume can be your one shot at making a good first impression, or your only opportunity to show a recruiter/hiring manager that you fit the criteria they are looking for. 

Think about your resume as a marketing tool to promote your personal brand. This is your application to get your foot in the door. You want to make it easy to read, intriguing, and detailed, yet vague enough to entice the reader to want to give you a call for a detailed conversation. (Yes, we would love to help you organize, revise, and develop a great resume that you will be excited to speak to.)

At the same time, you need to realize that most potential employers are going to immediately look you up on Linkedin, GitHub, or Facebook. Make sure those are updated, detailed, and professional to represent you in the best light possible.


How do I prepare for an interview?

"Fail to prepare, and you better be prepared to fail."

Interview Coaching isn't just telling you what to expect during the course of your interview process. We help walk you through the good, the bad, and the ugly, helping prepare for the best and worst-case scenarios that you may face. We can coach you through addressing the uncomfortable questions, and help you create some uncomfortable questions to ask your interviewers to keep them on their toes. 


What should I consider when entertaining an offer?

Don't get blinded by dollar signs. It's a lot more than just getting away from a bad situation or getting a pay raise!

Be Honest with Yourself: What am I walking away from...good and bad?

Location: How's that commute look?

Stock / 401k: What will you be leaving on that table?

Fringe Benefits: Perks?

Health Benefits: HUGE impact on your take-home pay.

PTO: What are you leaving, and what will you gain over time?

Work Schedule: What does a regular day vs a long day look like?

Location: Commute? Convenience? 

Mentors: Who can you learn from and who are you leaving behind?

Tenure: Not the first thing companies look at for layoffs or promotions, but it is still the go-to. Also, look at the tenure of your potential new teammates!

Tools: The right tools can make a job easier and more interesting

Stability: Think long-term

Leadership: Who is steering the ship?

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