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Résumé  Services

Welcome to our Resume Services, where we transform your professional story into a compelling narrative that captures the attention of recruiters and hiring managers. We understand the intricacies of the application evaluation process and know what hiring teams are looking for. We go beyond the basics, providing personalized consultations to ensure your resume not only meets industry standards but stands out. Let us guide you through the process of crafting a resume that reflects your unique strengths, experiences, and aspirations.


Key Features:

  • Personalized Consultations: Speak directly with an experienced recruiter.

  • Tailored Resumes: Craft resumes that align with your career goals.

  • Strategic Guidance: Receive insights and best practices for maximum impact.

We believe that you are way more than just a piece of paper, but we also know that the right resume can be your gateway to the best opportunities. Your resume is often your initial introduction to potential employers, and sometimes it is the only one. That's why we're dedicated to making it exceptional. Let us guide you in turning your CV into a powerful tool that opens doors and propels your career forward.

Comprehensive Resume Review

At HomeRun Search, we can create resumes from scratch or enhance your existing CV to showcase your strengths. Leveraging years of recruiting experience, Patrick will thoroughly review and implement suggested revisions, ensuring your resume avoids red flags from a recruiting perspective. Grammar and presentation issues will be refined to enhance its overall quality.


Our resume review service is an easy way to get that second set of eyes on your CV. Submit your resume you'll receive a detailed document highlighting concerns and outlining strengths, along with recommendations on how to enhance your resume's focus, content, and overall effectiveness.

Receive personalized insights to tailor your resume for the specific job you want. We will meticulously assess your resume, providing detailed feedback to enhance its impact and effectiveness in the competitive job market.


Bespoke Resumes 

Elevate your professional narrative with a resume tailored to those specific roles you've been holding out for. We build resumes from scratch, ensuring they resonate with your targeted roles and effectively communicate your value to potential employers.

Generic and vague resumes can be useful when you're busy applying to tens or hundreds of job postings. In a perfect world, every job application you submit would have its own resume designed to mirror the job posting perfectly and snag the attention of the hiring manager. When roles have 100+ applicants, the team reviewing your resume is looking for something very specific. We are able to read between the lines of job postings, connect the dots from requirements to your expertise, and articulate your achievements in a way that your audience will relate to.


Cover Letter

Make a strong first impression with a compelling cover letter. Most people don't go the extra mile to include a cover letter, and that's why its so easy for you to stand out. Our Cover Letter writing service ensures your application stands out. We craft tailored cover letters that articulate your motivations, skills, and fit for the position. Instead of driving yourself crazy finding the right words to plead your case, or merely leaving that box blank, let us create a Cover Letter that will compliment and enhance your CV.


Types of Resumes

Navigate the nuances of resumes with our guidance. Learn the distinctions between targeted and specific resumes versus general and vague ones. Understand how each type serves different career objectives and how to tailor your resume for maximum impact. From highlighting your management experience for a leadership role to crafting your CV for a broad audience to post on the job boards, you should have multiple versions ready for when that right opportunity comes knocking. 

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