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At HomeRun Search we are focused on demystifying Talent Acquisition, Recruitment Operations, and HR Compliance. In the simplest of terms, we are a recruitment consulting firm that can transform the way your team finds, hires, and retains talent.  


Hiring teams and job seekers alike struggle to traverse the job market's ever-changing technological trends, regulations, and environments. Our goal is to help provide clarity, transparency, and coaching to help you navigate through the ambiguity. 


Deep dive into the qualifications, attributes, and intangibles that your new hire needs to make your team and business successful.


Actively selling your opportunity, your team, and the value your company provides to the right audience in the right networks.


Strategically evaluating the market and the candidates to ensure you are only interviewing the best qualified individuals who will instantly add value to your team. 


Keeping a winning team together is a lot cheaper and more efficient than trying to find a replacement. Setting the right expectations and benchmarks ensures your new hire will enjoy a successful and fulfilling career. 

Leverage generative AI to identify, attract, recruit, and retain the best talent in this dynamic employment landscape.


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Growing Your Team

Whether it's Direct Hire, Retained Search, Executive Search, Sourcing Pipeline, or Recruitment Process Outsourcing, we can help. Let us walk you through the most efficient and cost-effective solutions for your team. 


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Building for Success

 "Under pressure, you don't rise to the occasion, you sink to the level of your training." Let us show you how continuous training and development for Managers, their teams, your internal Recruiters, and HR Business Partners will set your company up for success through times of high and low urgency hiring.


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Keeping Your Team Together

Understanding the data behind retention and attrition within your organization is the key to moving the proverbial needle forward. We can help you track, analyze and understand where those pain points may be, and use unbiased data to identify and capitalize on those areas of improvement. 

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About HomeRun Search

In Talent Acquisition, finding the right individual involves using complex Boolean search strings and finely tuned algorithms, narrowing down the field to locate that one perfect person. Strategically building out that homerun search, working bullseye-to-broad, and aiming for the fences from the start is how the best Recruiters save time finding the best talent to meet their clients' needs.


At HomeRun Search, we leverage our networks and expertise to help your team reinvigorate their recruitment processes to efficiently and quickly hire the best individuals to grow your team. 

Patrick became my recruiting partner after I had experienced a rapid turnover of recruiters. He immediately earned my trust by really listening to our staffing needs for understanding of the role and required skills, and then we brainstormed comprehensive and common sense strategies for finding the right candidates. He took ownership of the recruiting process and made changes to ensure that it worked efficiently and effectively. Since hiring is a very visible KPI for my team, he worked with me on a communication strategy to cover everything from pipeline through a candidate’s first day. His professional manner, bias for action, and ability to find the right candidates made for a much smoother experience. I would gladly work with Patrick any time I need to find a person with the right skills for my roles.

Rob D. | Sr. Manager SA | Amazon Web Services

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